Rainbow animate
April 2001

Rainbow animate

Brooklyn Center Cinema
in collaboration with the
Brooklyn College Arts Council

Leslie Harris's

Winner: Open Palm Award

Starring Ariyan A. Johnson and
Kevin Thigpen

with Ebony Jerido
Chequita Jackson and
Jerard Washington

Chantel Mitchell (Ariyan Johnson) is a black Brooklyn high-school girl who is precociously hip, intelligent and perhaps a bit too confident.  Her goals are focused, her determination is infectious.  It seems as though her vow to beat the odds and not become "just another girl on the IRT" are within reach. The beauty of  Harris's work is that it avoids banal stereotypes.  For all of Chantel's Brooklyn moxie, as the character is drawn out, we discover a laundry list of faults that may thwart her dreams.  She, not the poverty around her or the deprivation of the environment, may be her own undoing.

5:30pm - Walt Whitman Theatre
Free Admission

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