Rainbow animate
    May 2002

Rainbow animate

Brooklyn Center Cinema

in collaboration with the
Brooklyn College Film Department

An MGM Release

Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis
with Susan Harrison
Martin Milner (as himself)
Sam Levene, Barbara Nichols, Joe Frisco and Jeff Donnell
Original Music by Elmer Bernstein
Cinematography by James Wong Howe

Directed by Alexander Mackendrick
Written by Ernest Lehman and Clifford Odets

This is the story of J.J. - But not the way he wants it
  The almighty columnist with sixty million
believers ...his wrath is feared by the great and
near-great who worship the
sweet smell of success!

FILM NOIR at it's best!

11:00 pm - Walt Whitman Theatre
Note this is a morning screening
Free Admission

Author, film historian and scholar, Professor Foster Hirsch will discuss the film and with an introduction by Brooklyn Center Cinema's Director, Frank Angel.

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