Rainbow animate
    April 2003

Rainbow animate

Brooklyn College President Dr. Christoph M. Kimmich,
The Office of Human Resources, the Recognition Committee and

Brooklyn Center Cinema

by special arrangement with and Paramount Pictures and Miramax Films

Invite you to a private screening

A Special

for the Brooklyn College Community

A Steven Daldry Film
A Paramount Pictures - Miramax Films Release

Dolby SR Stereo Picture
Presented in

Total Surround MegaSound
and in

April 2nd 
at  3:00 pm

in the Whitman Theatre

Note: this is a Matinee screening only.

Pulitzer Prize winning author and Distinguished Professor, Mr. Michael Cunningham, will discuss the film after the screening with Film Historian, Prof. Foster Hirsch with and introduction by Brooklyn Center Cinema's Director, Frank Angel.

Admission is Free
[This page is for informational purposes only; the screening is limited to the Brooklyn College Community]


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