Rainbow Line
   November 2007

Rainbow Line

Brooklyn Center Cinema
and the Brooklyn College
Department of Human Recourses

by special arrangement with Warner Brothers
Present a Special


Stanley Kubrick's  2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY remains one of the most influential pictures of the 20th Century.  Among the top 100 films of all time on the American Film Institute's list and in the top 10 of many other best film lists, this epic has created controversy from its initial screenings in 1968.  Some hate it for its ambiguity and at times, what today might be considered a snail's pace, but most feel that the necessary patience and attention which the director demands from the audience is repaid a hundredfold with the richness and cinematic beauty of this mind trip.

2001 is the seminal motion picture which opened the Brooklyn Center Film Festival in 1971 (which later morphed into what is now Brooklyn Center Cinema); The mysterious Monolith was one of the very first images to flicker out of the Whitman Theatre projection port window and come alive on the screen for thousands of movie-lovers.  It has played on our Giant Screen a number of times over the decades, always to enthralled and edified audiences. 

We are proud to once again present this masterpiece, here in 2007, digitally cleaned and rejuvenated, with digital sound enhancing the original score.  The film will be presented exactly as it was premiered here in the magnificent Walt Whitman Theatre in 1971, as a Roadshow Engagement, with Entr'acte music, Intermission and Exit music.  No trailers or the other usual Preshow material will be shown.  Running time is 146min with a 15 min Intermission. 

Alex North, a prolific movie score composer was commissioned to write the score for 2001, but Kubrick put classical music to the work-in-progress so he could convey to North the feel he wanted for the scenes.  When it was time to mix the film, Kubrick decided that the "fill"  music he had chosen worked exactly as he wanted so he kept the classical and modern compositions in the final mix. With all due respect to Alex North, we just cannot imagine any score that could be a better marriage of imagery and music.  As good as the North score is, how different a film would 2001 be without the majestic Strauss' Thus Spoke Zarathustra or the lyrical Blue Danube Waltz! 

We shall play North's score, the opening sequence for our Preshow Music prior to the start of the film's Entr'acte. 

The film star's Keir Dullea will be present for a Q&A hosted by Prof. Foster Hirsch after the screening with an introduction by Brooklyn Center Cinema Director, Frank Angel.  

Nov 19th - 3pm
One Show Only!

Whitman Theatre

Admission is Free

Note:   This is a closed screening for Brooklyn Center Cinema patrons and the Brooklyn College community. 
Seating is limited and not guaranteed.

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