September 2007


Thursday, September 27th
3pm - 6pm
Walt Whitman Theatre
Admission Is Free For The Brooklyn College Community

STRANGER ON A TRAIN is one of Hich's earlier titles (1951), yet it has all the earmarks of this stylish and soon after to become the world-renown director of our time.  Few can turn a visual phrase as well as Hitchcock, and in this film, which some consider one of his best, holds nothing back.  Indeed, this may be the most freewheeling, compelling of all his films. The battle between good and evil, honesty and self-serving decadence is not new, but Hitch plays with the concept, turning a chord of black humor at one moment and straight Americana dream the next.  But make no mistake, suspense is Hitchcock's main course and it is served up here with relish.

The cast is superb, Farley Granger is just complex enough to keep you wondering how much he knows and when he knows it.  Ruth Roman is the love interest, but we remain more concerned about where her actual loyalties lay. And under Hitchcock's precise, masterful direction, Robert Walker plays his character with just the right amount of sinister, almost perverse Norman Bates-ian weirdness, to keep us totally intrigued for the entire two hours. 

If you haven't see this early work of the great master, this is the way to see it -- on the giant screen with colleagues and friends.  It's Hitch at his best!  In glorious Black and White.

This Brooklyn Center Cinema CinEvent is sponsored by the Brooklyn College Film Department and the Department of Human Resources.


Meet the Artists
A Q&A session will he held after the 3:30pm screening hosted by film historian and scholar Foster Hirsch.  The film's star, Mr. Farley Granger, will be on hand to discuss the experience of working with Alfred Hitchcock on this feature


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