Rainbow Line
    April 2009

Rainbow Line

Brooklyn Center Cinema and the Brooklyn College Department of Admissions and the Brooklyn College Department of Human Resources
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proudly present

   A Picture 


A Panavision Picture Presented In

Friday,  April 3rd, 2009 -- 2:30pm Matinee & 5:30pm Evening
Two Big Shows!

Walt Whitman Theatre
Admission is with a FREE Ticket!

Tickets available beginning March 15th

Batman continues his seemingly endless effort to bring justice to Gotham's crime syndicate. This time the Dark Knight faces a rising psychopathic criminal called The Joker, whose eerie grin belies a dangerous agenda.

Here on the Giant Screen and in breathtaking 6 Channel Total Surround MegaSound is the only way to experience the impact of director Christopher Nolan's critically acclaimed outing in the Batman franchise, THE DARK KNIGHT.  With remarkable performances by a stellar cast including the late Heath Ledger's Academy Award winning role as the Joker (posthumously awarded), this Batman is rich with subtleties and emotional textures of the classic heroic tragedy not found in other more banal "superhero" efforts.  One quickly forgets that Batman started off as a comic book given the powerful human drama imbued in this film.

Much to Nolan's credit, he is careful to insure that while the film unleashes elaborate and quite extraordinary special effects for which it has garnered high praise, these do not overwhelm or overshadow the powerful performances and the human storyline -- something that is always a risk in a film of this genre. 

A Panavision Film Presented with Ultra High Definition Bausch & Lomb
CinemaScope 55 Lenses.  A Dolby Digital Release Presented in 6 Channel Total Surround MegaSound.

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Heath Ledger and Christian Bail - THE DARK KNIGHT
Warner Brothers.  All rights reserved.

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