CinemaScope Screen

This is an artist's rendition of our true CinemaScope   screen.  It is nearly 2 stories high by 40 feet wide and presents the full picture that the cinematographer composed in the camera without cropping the image to fit into a one-size-fits-all compromise as is done routinely in many modern multiplex theatres. 

The optical system is comprised of  four sets of lenses, screen masking and  curtains which allow any film format -- no matter if it were shot as a silent  film in the early 20's or is one of the latest Sneak-Preview premieres -- to be properly presented.  The screen has a high gain ratio, producing brilliant images from all angles.  Projection is accomplished with rare Bausch and Lomb CinemaScope 55 lenses which produce UltraHigh Definition pictures.  In accordance with the original 20th Century Fox CinemaScope specifications, our screen has a perspective curve to enhance the illusion of a panoramic vista, much like our eyes perceive in true life vision. 

The screen has a Pearlescant reflectant surface; unlike most theatre screens, it does not contain any perforations because the speaker clusters in the Whitman Theatre are located just above the screen in an acoustic chamber known as the "speaker loft."   Using a solid screen surface salvages about 20% of the light which would normally be lost through the perforations.  The screen was custom manufactured for Brooklyn Center Cinema right here in Brooklyn by the  Technikote Screen Company.            


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